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Losing and Finding | Perder e Encontrar

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 9/12/19

  Losing and Finding Exodus 32:7-11,13-14     1 Timothy 1:12-14     Luke 15:1-10


    Doesn’t it drive you absolutely bonkers when you can’t find something?!  You’re absolutely sure you had your keys somewhere, but they’re not there!  You re-trace your steps again and again, you get frustrated, the dog looks ... Read More »

Correct Priorities | Prioridades Correctas

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 9/06/19

Correct Priorities Wisdom 9:13-18     Philemon 9-10,12-17     Luke 14:25-33

For any kind of success in our lives we have to have our priorities right.  If one wants to be a good student, make sure you have your priorities right.  Want to be good at your job?  Make sure your priorities ... Read More »