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Faith and Works/ Fe y Obras

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 9/20/18

Faith and Works Isaiah 50:4-9     James 2:14-18     Mark 8:27-35

How do we show that we are Christians?  How do we live as people promised the gift of salvation?  Peter in the Gospel makes an important profession of faith in Jesus as the Christ, a profession we should all make ... Read More »


Posted by Maria Ruiz on 9/09/18

Ephphatha! Isaiah 35;4-7     James 2:1-5     Mark 7:31-37

         A deaf person with a speech impediment is brought to Jesus.  Jesus, rather dramatically, restores the person’s hearing and speech uttering the prayer/word “Ephphatha” (meaning “Be opened!). 

          Jesus says the same to us.  What needs to be opened?  Perhaps you ... Read More »