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Be a Safe Adult | Sea un Adulto Confiable

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 1/11/19

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One of the most common responses to stories from abuse victims who suffered in silence for years is, “Why did you wait so long?” For many children, they wait because they have no one they trust to talk to about what’s happening to them. ... Read More »

Situational Awareness and Holiday Travel

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 12/07/18

Practice situational awareness as part of your holiday travel plans

At Christmastime, families come together to spend this blessed season surrounded by their loved ones, and for many families, this involves some travel. Parents with young children who are hitting the roads or the airways should be practicing situational ... Read More »

Practice fire safety in the home | Practicar la seguridad contra incendios en el hogar

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 11/19/18


Developing a family fire plan for evacuation can save lives. Children should be a part of the planning, and should know which exits to use to get out of the house and where to meet once they are safely outside. Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers should ... Read More »

Respect and Friendship | El Respecto y la Amistad

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 10/26/18

DID YOU KNOW? Mutual Respect is Key for Friendships

Your child will make many friends throughout his lifetime. As children grow, their interests change and develop, and they meet many new people along the way. But as children make new friends, mutual respect should be the guiding principle of ... Read More »

Archdiocese's Continued Commitment to the Protection and Prevention of Abuse

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 9/20/18

​Since 2004, the Office of Safeguard the Children of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has trained more than 329,000 adults in the VIRTUS® child abuse prevention adult awareness programs and more than 1.4 million children and young people in the children’s program.  More than 168,000 adults have been fingerprinted ... Read More »

In Need of Prayers | Necesitamos Oraciones

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 9/20/18

Archbishop Gomez Urges Prayers for Victims and New Efforts to Purify the Church

The recent reports regarding abuse in the Church serve as a reminder of the importance of continuing our efforts to be diligent in the prevention of abuse in our Church and in society.  Our prayers and ... Read More »

Watch for signs of anxiety in your child | Esté atento a los signos de ansiedad en su hijo

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 9/09/18

Watch for signs of anxiety in your child

Everyone has had an anxious moment or two in their lives, but many people — even kids — struggle with daily anxiety. Anxiety can be a contributing factor in depression, and even if it’s not that severe, it can make day-to-day activities ... Read More »

Review your family phone numbers | Revisa los números de teléfono de tu familia

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 8/30/18

As a family, you should have a list of family emergency phone numbers that your children know from an early age. Review these numbers together a few times a year. Children should know their parents’ cell and work phone numbers, and they should know who to call — and ... Read More »

Safety tips for kids playing sports this school year. | Consejos de seguridad para los niños que practican deportes este año escolar

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 8/22/18

Safety tips for kids playing sports this school year.

Sports seasons start early, even for young children, and while it’s great that they’re out getting exercise and learning new skills, safety is still a top priority. It’s recommended that all children who are playing school sports have an annual ... Read More »

Keeping Children Safe During the Summer

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 6/06/18

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Keeping children safe during summer

Published on 6/4/2018

During the summer, children may spend time at a camp or program. It is important to monitor ... Read More »