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Talk about chat room dangers with your teen

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 3/04/20


Online chat rooms are great places for people to connect over shared interests and ideas. But for young children and teenagers who may not be internet-savvy, they’re also a great place for predators to lay groundwork. In a chat room, anyone can be whomever they want ... Read More »

Make a playground checklist

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 2/12/20

Parents sometimes think of playgrounds as “drop zones” for their kids — keep an eye or an ear out, but otherwise settle in on a bench while your child burns off energy. Nearly 170,000 children were injured on playgrounds in 2019, and a few moments of careful attention could ... Read More »

Megan’s Law protects parents and children

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 2/05/20


In the state of California, anyone who has engaged in sexual misconduct with a child under the age of 16 is not allowed to work directly with minors, or to be unaccompanied with minors. This includes volunteer and employee positions. This law helps to create safe ... Read More »

The importance of making rules | Feb 2

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 1/31/20

The importance of making rules 

As parents, we want our children to see us as their allies and teachers, not just the people who lay down the law. But sometimes, rules are more effective — rules are simple and easy to remember, and leave no room for error. When ... Read More »