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What risks are worth it for children?

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 5/16/19

In today’s society, parents are often torn between protecting their children, and letting them experience life and even make mistakes.  Safety is vitally important, but there is value in learning from experience and from mistakes, too.  There may be times when parents wonder if they have gone too far ... Read More »

Tips for talking about “controlling access”

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 2/11/19

Part of the “Protecting God’s Children” training program is designed to control who has access to children and ensure that those who do undergo rigorous screening measures. It’s important for all adults to understand what this means and how this process works. Adults who are being screened have not ... Read More »

Know when words are warning signs

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 2/05/19

Some predators will use comments and conversations to groom potential victims. Be on guard any time an adult is talking to a child about sex, no matter how they’re presenting it (hygiene, reproduction, etc.). Physical flattery can be another red flag — predators sometimes try to make children feel ... Read More »

Protect your child’s financial future

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 1/25/19

​As parents, we want to keep our children safe from any harm. That includes harm from identity theft, which can lead to compromised credit scores and financial ruin, before your child even gets his/her first job! Take steps to minimize the risk of identity theft by setting up credit ... Read More »

Learn how to help children suffering from trauma

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 1/18/19

With mass shootings, natural disasters, and the social climate today, our children are living in a world that can be very scary at times. Children who have suffered from trauma, through abuse, loss, or another tragedy, may have different ways of viewing the world through the distorted lens of ... Read More »

Fine Line between Obedience and Protection | La Linea entre la Obediencia y la Proteccion

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 1/15/19

Talk to your children about the fine line between obedience and protection

Children learn from an early age that adults are figures of authority — teachers, police officers, bus drivers, babysitters. We need our children to listen to the people who are in charge of them, but this message ... Read More »

Be a Safe Adult | Sea un Adulto Confiable

Posted by Maria Ruiz on 1/11/19

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One of the most common responses to stories from abuse victims who suffered in silence for years is, “Why did you wait so long?” For many children, they wait because they have no one they trust to talk to about what’s happening to them. ... Read More »