Praying for Vocations

Praying for Vocations

     How do you live a life of love according to the teachings of Jesus?  One very important way is to pursue a life of service as a religious, in the priesthood or in another ministry within the Church.  Where are the priests and religious of the next generations going to come from? They must come from our community and our families! 

     This coming week is devoted to praying for vocations to priesthood, religious life and throughout our nation. Please include this intention with your prayers this week.

Jesus, you are our Good Shepherd.

You know each of us

and you call us by name

to love and to serve you and your people.

Help us to respond generously to your voice.


Give courage and guidance to those you call

to the priesthood and the diaconate,

to religious life and lay ministry,

so they may respond to you

wholeheartedly and serve faithfully.

We ask this in your name.  Amen.