Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

What’s happening now regarding coming together for Mass and other parish gatherings?  The archdiocesan guidelines are long, but here’s a practical summary:

  • For Sunday Liturgy or other liturgical celebrations it is no longer required to wear a mask as long as you are vaccinated.  For those who are not vaccinated it is still necessary to wear a mask while indoors for Mass.  (Get vaccinated!!!)
  • As you enter the church, please continue to sanitize your hands. 
  • Continue to leave safe/respectful space between you and others. 
  • Communion in the hand remains the norm.
  • The dispensation to not attend Sunday Mass has been lifted.


  • If you are not feeling well make sure you wear a mask when you come, or, don’t come at all (if you are ill you fulfill your Sunday obligation by praying at home and can read the bulletin online).
  • For the Sign of Peace: different people are still at different comfort levels, so be patient and understanding. For the sign of peace you should, at least, bow or wave to those around you.  If you feel comfortable shaking hands or giving an embrace, that’s up to you. 
  • As far as parish gatherings… if you are vaccinated, no mask required; if not vaccinated, mask required (get vaccinated!!!).  Parish gatherings usually don’t happen much during July but groups will be allowed to make reservations for meetings starting in August. 
  • Just because most of the corona-regulations we have endured have been lifted, we must still be wise and healthy with our interactions with others.  It may still be wise and respectful to wear a mask at the check-out line at the store, on the bus/metro or other situations where we may be close to others for an extended time.